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EVS opportunity involvement in one German archaeological site

EVS opportunity involvement in one German archaeological site

The volunteer should have German language skills, big interest in archaeological topics, very good drawing and protracting skills.

  • Applications shall consist of cv, foto and a motivationletter concerning the project you are interested in. A general motivationletter is not enough. Please explain why you are interested in the project. And please name the project number otherwise it is not possible for me to relate your application to the single project.

A. The hosting project is situated in the Federal State of Thuringia in central Germany. It is located in the Thuringian Uplands in the "Thüringer Schiefergebirge - Obere Saale" natural park, near the village of Weisbach.
Some Information about Weisbach:
- 185 inhabitants: Protestant or without religious affiliation
- Rurally influenced village: Marked by agriculture and metalworking
- There is a pub, a small shop and a holiday home
- Places of interest: Ruin of Wysburg, museum, Natural Park
- Public transport connections: Bus stop in the village, nearest train station 18km away

B. - Collaboration in all tasks at Wysburg and participation in local life
- Archaeological excavations, surveying, documentation and analysis on computer (there will be a training session at the Thüringisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Arcäologie [Thuringian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and Archaeology]) in Weimar
- Creating graphical drawings of archaeological findings, e.g.: Fragments of pottery, metal pieces, bone, other findings, measuring schemes etc
- Work as a volunteer or camp leader in the international workcamp during the summer
- Organisation and implementation of guided tours of the Wysburg and the exhibition
- Participation at demonstrations of the stone catapult at the Wysburg

C. Volunteers we would like to host should be open-minded, outgoing and independent. They must have knowledge in the area of computers and other media. Knowledge of German is a bonus, but not essential. They should however be prepared to learn the German language. It is important that the volunteer has a good understanding of the English language (written and oral), as it is necessary for communication in the international projects.
The volunteers should have interests in archaeological, artistic and graphic topics and he/she should have the pretension to get to know all the different fields of the work in the project. The tasks at the Wysburg are very manifold and so the volunteer will have the chance to find the tasks that suits him/her the best. There are also international projects (workcamps, youth exchanges,…) at the Wysburg and we hope/wish that the volunteer will participate in it.
It is very important that the volunteers realise that the project is situated in a very rural and isolated location. The volunteer could feel isolated given the lack of places for young people to go and the fact that there aren't many free-time activities on offer. It is a really isolated place but it compensates for lack of night life with the sense of local community.

Concerning the sending organisation, we have no special requests. There are contacts to Organisation with which we have worked with in the field of international workcamps.

D. 2

E. In the beginning we would like to refrain from hosting volunteers with fewer opportunities. This is due to the fact that we first would like to try to work together with a young person from a different cultural background and see how this develops. Nevertheless, in the future we might host a young person with fewer opportunities also as a long term volunteer.

F. Before the volunteer arrives at the project there will be contact by Email and/or phone between the volunteer and the responsible contact person at the hosting project, as well as the contact person of the sending organisation.
As soon as the volunteer arrives, they will be introduced to the project and members of the organisation, as well as their personal tutor. The latter will help them not only with work-related problems, but also with any personal problems that the volunteer may have. Contact will also be made between the volunteer and their personal tutor within the coordinating organisation. The coordinating organisation, as well as the host partner, will also help the volunteer with any personal and work-related problems. Moreover the volunteer will be fully integrated into the rural community, and along with the members of the organisation, the inhabitants and the public services, will play an important role in the community.
Furthermore, the young people will be supported in establishing contact with ex-EVS volunteers, who can become another source of support next to their colleagues. VJF will also encourage them to approach other volunteers (e.g. from other coordinated projects). Frequent feedback sessions should also provide the volunteers with the opportunity to voice problems that may occur immediately and, as a group in a safe environment, to work together to find a solution.
Contact between the hosting and sending organisation will be maintained for the duration of the project, ensuring that intervention in the case of tensions or crises is possible.
In the facility, all volunteers will receive training in all areas concerning health and safety in the workplace and fire prevention. They will also be introduced to the features of the building and the usable open spaces.
A further important point to note is that the tutor of the hosting project will participate in a seminar for EVS tutors, organised by the German National Agency, to ensure that they are well prepared for their work as a tutor. They will also get the opportunity to meet other tutors.



Long term

9 month starting February/March 2011


2010-09-29 23:00


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