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Short term EVS project with the Scouts

Short term EVS project with the Scouts

We want to invite you to participate in our short-term project in Wroclaw and our summer centers by the lake. We are looking for motivated young person, who wants to work for 6 weeks in the project from July till middle August 2011.

What are the main tasks?

þ organizing games, plays, sports and outdoor activities,

þ organizing thematic workshops as well as cultural, art and musical  events for children and youth,

þ activities like putting up tents, preparing orienteering games, walks with children in forest, archery, fire works, preparing craft workshops, building shelters in forest with youth, observing animals with group, sailing, first aid workshops

þ helping with child care and every day life services,

þ teaching language or any other skills possessed by volunteers.

During the project volunteers will learn how to work with children and youth using outdoor methods and how to work in a group and with group. Participation in the project is also a chance to develop complex social skills as well as less common but very interesting ones as outdoors techniques (setting fire, wood working, orienteering etc.).

All of activities will be realized under supervision of experienced instructors. What is more, before coming to the camp, every volunteer will go through a one week training to obtain basic skills needed during the camp.


 Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a volunteers who:

þ are interested in animating the free time of young people,

þ are flexible and creative teamworkers

þ have open and caring nature towards children

þ are patient and have strong attitude with a friendly approach.

þ are able to show their authority as leaders in a group young people.

þ have some experience with working with children (but qualifications are not vital)

We request our volunteers to be non-smokers, because we try to teach our children, that it is possible to live without any addiction. Alcohol is also forbidden.

We are ready to host volunteers with less opportunities, as our staff is well qualified pedagogues. ZHP has many experiences with helping children and youth with social and economics difficulties


Where?  Wroclaw is a 750.000-inhabitant city, a capital of Lower Silesia region situated in south-west Poland. The city is called Polish Venice) with many historic sites and very friendly atmosphere. Beside the city has 14 Universities and Academies, so cultural live is developed very well. (to learn more see www.wroclaw.pl). The holiday camps will take place in two summer centres – Stilo and Krzeczków as well as in Wrocław city. Krzeczków, located in the middle of the forest on the bank of pure and beautiful lake. Stilo is on the seaside, next to the forest and close to the small summer resort.


Termen scurt

6 weeks, from July till middle August 2011


2011-01-19 23:00


ID Mess: asociatia_act
ID Skype: evs4u.ro


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