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Locatia curenta: Prima pagina Oportunităţi EVS Youth information and documentation center from Paris is looking for one EVS volunteer

Youth information and documentation center from Paris is looking for one EVS volunteer

Youth information and documentation center from Paris is looking for one EVS volunteer

The presence of the volunteer will help to enhance the dynamization of projects related to Youth Information at the CIDJ and will help to promote the richness of an intercultural approach.

A Project environment:

In the 15th district, very close to the Eiffel Tower and near the Quai Branly museum, the CIDJ is located in the heart of Paris, in a rather touristic and administrative area, well served by common transport.
The field of activities for this EVS project fits in a regional scale. The local environment is made up by Youth Information network (PIJ, BIJ, CIJ) in Ile de France region, institutional partners, most of them being actively present at CIDJ (Conseil Régional IDF, Kiosque Paris jeunes, CIO Médiacom, Pole emploi, APASO, ADIL, CLLAJ, CRIPS, Espace bénévolat). The young public (from 15 to 30 years) coming to find information and documentation at CIDJ, constitutes the keystone of this project. Lastly, the employees of the association (more than one hundred in total) will contribute to his integration and will be part of this local environment .

Thanks to his dedicated activities, the volunteer will be in contact with the young public, presenting various profiles, and multiple requests. He will be primarily concerned by those in search of information about European mobility. However the volunteer will have the opportunity to participate to other activities related to the numerous themes treated by the organization. He will collaborate with other services, helping in the management of events, or creating tools to inform, for instance. However, the volunteer will be supervised by the EVS coordinator and will be part of the International Relations department, composed by two other people, the director and the Eurodesk responsible.

In the office, the volunteer will be provided a personal desk and computer (with Internet access). He will also spend time directly in contact to the public, in the hall of the CIDJ. Of course, the volunteer will have to respect internal rules and security instructions of the association. He will be given an arrival booklet, a badge, ticket for a priviledged access to the refectory and a monthly pass (2d zone) for transport in Paris. An additionnal allowance is given for the food. The breakfast is included in the residence of young workers located near the CIDJ, in the 14th district. Concerning the practical matters, the volunteer will be helped by his tutor.

B Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

The presence of the volunteer will help to enhance the dynamization of projects related to Youth Information at the CIDJ and will help to promote the richness of an intercultural approach.

His/her learnings opportunities will be multiple. Development of competences in techniques related to interviewing young and adult public will be possible. He will also get the chance to develop his knowledge on tools of information, mainly numerical ones. Activities centered on numerical/multimedia development are sincerely appreciated. He will also be able to emphasize his capacities of communication in foreign language but so as cultural expression. With the public and within the organization, he will have the opportunity to develop his/her capacity of initiative and social and civic competences. According to his/her centers of interest, motivations and its personal project, other opportunities will certainely be considered and developed.

The activities to which the volunteer will participate can be divided into three part:

A phase of adaptation/training (1 month) during which the volunteer the CIDJ, its missions, services, Youth Information network, institutional partners (meeting of presentation with the team) will be presented to the volunteer. He will also get to know the tools used to inform the public. Lastly, the volunteer will be able if it wishes it to develop his computers skills. This phase will also be the best one to start the language classes. Lastly, this moment will enable concertation to get to know the volunteer's ideas and motivations in order to redefine and adapt the project. He will have the opportunity to start preparing his own project.

Activities in collaboration with the team of the CIDJ: Certain tasks will proceed in partnership with the youth counsellors at CIDJ. He could observe interviews with young people, visit other structures of the youth information network. He will also take part in times of concertation and formation "information workshops of Thursday". Lastly, he can help in the organization of thematic events (Europe's day or Summer jobs, or other themes according to the interest of the volunteer). In collaboration with the person in charge of activities, the volunteer will have to enhance activities related to European awareness: he will participate to meetings on EVS (information and testimony). He will be able to assume some basic administrative tasks. According to these linguistic abilities, he could be a support to the creation and organization of workshops on various subjects. Lastly, he will collaborate to the search and writing of information on the European countries or mobility to France.

Specific activities will be developed by the volunteer: The volunteer will have the specific task to inform young public coming to CIDJ on mobility in Europe. He will manage to produce tools of information, numerical tools will be appreciated. Another task will be one of organizing workshops, answering mails on European mobility (Eurodesk), keep on developping a blog created by a precedent volunteer, organizing an exhibition on his country of origin or another subject chosen by him.

Any initiative or personal idea will be appreciated. All these activities will be subject to dialogue and evaluation with the mentor and the person in charge of the activities.

C Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

The recruitment process for this EVS project is not carried out on the basis of specific and selective criterion or competences. All CVs and covering letters sent to the CIDJ will be studied.
A special attention will however be paid to applicants appreciating contact with the public, showing abilities for communication and initiatives. A basic English and French knowledge is an asset as well as interest to themes concerning youth and European awareness.
In this project, partnership with sending organization from Youth Information structure or similar is welcome.

D Number of volunteers hosted:

One volunteer is needed for an optimal EVS at CIDJ

E Risk prevention, protection and safety:

Constant and positive dialogue will be promoted and preliminary information about security instructions and respect of internal rules of the association given in order to be respected. If particular cases should raise, we have the ability to adapt to specific needs. The mentor is available to handle or advise in case of any eventual difficulty.



Long term

9 month starting from October 2010


2010-05-09 23:00


ID Mess: asociatia_act
ID Skype: evs4u.ro


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